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There’s a barbarian inside all of us struggling to get out. That reptilian part of our brain that just wants to screw the ‘rules’. But if you do find yourself at the head of raging horde – you may want to set some ground rules.

By wearing this tee you’ll do just that. In fact it helps take the pressure off. Instead of having to explain why you find rape socially acceptable, you can instead go straight to pillaging and be home in time for tea.

So there you have it: one tee that helps you maintain lady friends while avoiding the tag of ‘sex offender’. It’s the must have fashion for today’s conscientious brigand or despoiler of worlds. And please, pillage responsibly.

  • Anarchist Tears
  • Angry Badger
  • Black & Proud
  • Blue Waffle
  • Chernobyl Orange
  • Dracula's Teabag
  • Flange Pink
  • Gagging Green
  • Gang Grape
  • Goblin Orgy
  • Hello Sailor
  • Prison Nonce
  • Skanky Princess
  • Large
  • Medium
  • Small
  • XL
  • XXL

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Additional information


Anarchist Tears, Angry Badger, Black & Proud, Blue Waffle, Chernobyl Orange, Dracula's Teabag, Flange Pink, Gagging Green, Gang Grape, Goblin Orgy, Hello Sailor, Prison Nonce, Skanky Princess


Large, Medium, Small, XL, XXL

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