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Not everybody can be a Zed, a Knuckles, or a Bone Crusher. But that doesn’t mean you’re inner rebel can’t be expressed. You’re bad ass remember, a true road warrior and freedom fighter – even if you have to be home before it gets dark.

Remember, Maureen can be intimidating. It also leaves open your specialist skills. With such a marvellous name you can claim to be the muscle, the brains of the outfit, the cake maker or the accountant.

Wear this tee and own the world. YOUR world. Where you get to be whatever you want, and go by any Goddamn name you want. That’s solipsism at work for you – just maybe hold off explaining that at the next gang meet.

  • Anarchist Tears
  • Angry Badger
  • Black & Proud
  • Blue Waffle
  • Chernobyl Orange
  • Dracula's Teabag
  • Flange Pink
  • Gagging Green
  • Gang Grape
  • Goblin Orgy
  • Hello Sailor
  • Prison Nonce
  • Skanky Princess
  • Large
  • Medium
  • Small
  • XL
  • XXL

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Additional information


Anarchist Tears, Angry Badger, Black & Proud, Blue Waffle, Chernobyl Orange, Dracula's Teabag, Flange Pink, Gagging Green, Gang Grape, Goblin Orgy, Hello Sailor, Prison Nonce, Skanky Princess


Large, Medium, Small, XL, XXL

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